Fighting "manspreading" Russian style lmao

Sep 2017
I completely disagree. That isn't getting comfortable, that's telling the world to "F-off, I'm more important than you." Water is gentle IMO.
Wow, if that's what it says if you take up a little of a second seat on a nearly-abandoned train with your own body, what must it mean when a woman sets her bag down on a second seat on such a train? It must mean "not only am I more important than you, but even my purse is more important than you, so F-off"! Right?

Sorry, I'd have to disagree. If there are plenty of empty seats, it's fine to spread into a second one, as long as you make an honest effort to keep an eye on the situation so you free up that second seat when it's needed, before someone has to ask. If a woman throws water on a guy for letting his legs take up some extra room, or a man throws water on a woman for letting her bag do so, I see that as an assault.

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