FINALLY: A First Lady we can be proud of

Jul 2014
Border Fence
She looks even better after her vacation from Donald.

She looks well rested, less stressed, and happy.
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Oct 2013
She is beautiful. Not sure what that has to do with being proud of a President's spouse. My idea of pride is an intelligent person who moves mountains. Thus far Melania is too new to know what she is able to change and therefore she is not on my list of finding something to be proud of. She may and I hope she does but your headline is vacant and sadly you don't even know it.

Someone who said when they go low, we go high comes to mind about now.
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Feb 2010
between Moon and NYC
Attractive lady. We'll have to wait and see what if any public passions she brings to the White House.

Laura Bush and Michele Obama both had quality programs and advocacies they promoted during their stays. Am guessing Melania Trump will follow the tradition to some degree. (If she is given the chance.)