Finland Government collapses over Universal health care costs

Nov 2018
Bel Air, MD
Predictable, for those who understand what socialism does. The left never seem to learn until it's too late.

Bernie Sanders has been so wrong about his idea that socialism is great, as he said a few years ago that Venezuela was a "model" for the world, as it implemented socialism. We see today, just how dumb his statement is.

Unfortunately, a lot of people in America think socialism will do well here. They argue, that their ideas will be better and work in America.

Don't count on it.
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Jan 2015
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Another failed Socialist country will not affect Bernie at all.

Hsi supporters are too dumb to understand Socialism is proven over many decades to be a failed system..

They think it's utopia and the right Leftist just haven't been in charge yet.

You simply can't reform that level of stupidity.
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Sep 2013
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Many of the government’s policies have been highly divisive: budget cuts, a labor pact to boost competitiveness that made people work more for less, penalizing the jobless people who fail to show they are actively seeking to improve their situation, and opening up taxis to increased competition. Resistance to its failed reform on health and social care was widespread, also within the governing parties.

Bloomberg - Are you a robot?
Actually, the Finish PM resigned because his conservative policies failed.
Jul 2016

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Last I looked the population of Finland is 5.5 million. That's a teeny weeny bit less than the US.

Furthermore, the Finnish healthcare system isn't like what Bernie wants, it's decentralized and micromanaged - exactly what's wrong with healthcare in the US today. And, it's run by the conservatives!

Finnish government resigns over failure to agree reforms | Public Finance

Finnish government resigns over failure to agree reforms
Simone Rensch

12 Mar 19

The Finnish government has resigned ahead of the general election because it said it could not deliver a healthcare reform package seen as crucial to sustainable public finances.

Like in many other countries, the healthcare system in Finland, which is free, has been affected by rising treatment costs and people living longer.
Finland was planning to cut costs and boost efficiency, but the move has stalled for years. It had aimed to slow the increase in healthcare spending over the next decade, reducing the budget to €18.3bn in 2019, against an estimate of €21.3bn.
It also planned to centralise services into regional healthcare authorities, to take over from the current local municipalities, and use more private healthcare providers.
However, the coalition was unable to agree on the package.
Centre Party prime minister Juha Sipila told reporters at a news conference on Friday: “The picture I’ve got over the last few days from parliament forces me to draw conclusions. There is no way ahead. I am hugely disappointed.”
The coalition, made up of Sipila’s Centre Party, the conservative National Coalition, and the Eurosceptic Blue Reform party, resigned one month before the forthcoming election on 14 April.
Aug 2018
Governments are supposed to resign when their coalitions can't pass key legislation. Parliament doesnt work when the government can't get a majority of votes on key initiatives.

UKs May should be taking notes.

That's what democracy is SUPPOSED to look like. You're not supposed to have elected officials with 30 percent support sitting around for three years because they have a fucking term limit.

The government didn't collapse. The ruling party is calling a new election.

Good lord.
Apr 2018
These types of threads are amazing because you can tell who's on the dole by how they continually attack anything that threatens their gravy train.