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Jun 2013
Could this have something to do with Trump's trying to suggest Google and others are censoring "conservatives"? Do internet web users know how relatively easy if is for someone to set up a blog or website that could look believable for people desperately looking for something to latch on to? Have Americans studied world history and noted how some of the worst leaders in the world came to power, even under democratic means?

FireEye being employed by social media and other websites to root out fake - Google Search

The internet has not only been a boon to information at one's fingertips, but also become a perfect platform for propaganda, misinformation and those looking to draw attention to sell something or deceive. A prime example is the line up of click bait boxes one nearly every website there is. The use catchy lines that are visually incomplete as a means to get someone to click on their box, which mostly leads to crap information and hokey gossip, but more importantly, for those who put up the click bait boxes, they can use the number of clicks from those drawn in by their catchy titles, to show they have an audience that advertisers will pay them money for ad space on. It's just one more way people have found to game any circumstance and work on the edges of legitimacy to profit themselves. People looking to game just about anything is perhaps to be expected and campaigns to massively spread misinformation and disinformation (skew reality) for the purposes of causing chaos and division or as a means to artificially and subversively direct opinion toward a specific candidate that would be favorable to the outsiders or insiders doing so, may not be new either, but platforms like social media where there has been little oversight with regard to any sort of legitimacy of those making use of such platforms, especially to deceitfully pose as something they are not to spread untruths.

Thanks to Web Ads, Some Find New Money in Domain Names

It is quite amazing (or maybe not) that Trump is no irritated and suggesting "his" government check in to Google's and other's efforts to try to DO SOMETHING about foreign interference into elections by making use of social media platforms. Trump openly USED social media to his benefit and for all anyone knows, could have also used it covertly (creating many web identities that supported him). It could have been done in coordination with foreign entities or not, the effect would have likely been the same. People should know that Trump is not above using pseudonyms to deceive and present support for himself.

Pseudonyms of Donald Trump - Wikipedia

Is Trump now worried it could come out that numerous websites are connected to him and his campaign or is that already known and he fears Americans will be reminded of it?
Donald Trump owns thousands of websites with chilling names

Will other websites such as forums like this, employ FireEye for the same interest in rooting out people who are using the internet to deceive for political purposes that work against the very core of America?