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Feb 2011
Ever changing
One can smell the odor of desperation within the Democrat party. They want illegals to vote. They want to lower the vote to the age of 16. They want convicts to have their voting rights. In real desperation, they are for widening the money funnel that is abortion to including the act of infanticide. Basically, they would be open to anything which increases their base. However, we do not know what platforms that base would be truly for. Or more important, their convictions to that platform.

For example, we know that 16 years old and on up have been indoctrinated into the hoax of global warming. But what if those convictions were truly tested? Most of us have experienced the utter cool-ness of the rite of passage into adult hood of one's attainment of a drivers license. The days of the muscle cars especially. One of my favorites, the 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS, LS6. 450 horse power and a Holley Carb 780 CFM. Yeah. Nothing like leaving two tracks of coal black on asphalt with smoke billowing under the wells! I ask you, what 16 year old male hangs Prius posters on their wall? Chicks yes, Prius no. No offense intended to the alphabet soup of identities which may or may not indulge in such things.

So the question is, when put to the test. How many 16 year old voters(Guys, Girls, LGBTQ, etc.) would be willing to, in the name of "Save the Planet" - "Stop Climate Change." give up getting a drivers license or at the very least give up getting a car? If they are going to make placards that say "Stop Climate Change!" and demand "New Clean Energy!" they can start with themselves. After all, they are our future and the future is theirs, right?

A clarion call to all the 16+ year olds. In the name of "The Green New Deal." Walk to school. Ride a bicycle. Take mass transit and ride a school bus. Car pool with your friends parents. But for God's sake do not get a car and kill the planet! Especially if that car is a muscle car! Don't go out at night and burn fossil fuels. Instead, rent 'Eat My Dust' with Ron Howard and from the seat of your couch, pretend you are driving that four on the floor muscle car. Shssss- don't tell anyone, the real thing is better.
Mar 2019
In Sunday School with Hognoxious
Your guess is as good as mine on the man made climate change hoax.

Who would have thought that the Left would buy in to Obama's transgender push. Now look at it. They've got kid's thinking there are 64 genders, gay is normal and also healthy, doctors giving kids opposite sex hormones, boys setting Girls state records in the 100m dash, and that stopping the flow of some immigrants is racist.

Things go in cycles as well. But the media and our education system is very powerful. So I don't know.
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Mar 2019
Geez, the old science isn't science monkey trial again. They'll be aiming their spaceships at the sun to get to distant galaxies next.