Florida Man Killed By A Cassowary That He Owned

Jan 2016
That would be one helluva drumstick!

Feed a small family for like a weekend!
The largest bird that ever lived was the VERY recently extinct elephant bird of Madagascar, which I started a thread about, here:

The Extinct Elephant Birds Of Madagascar

A single elephant bird EGG, properly cooked, shall we say scrambled, as that is the way BigLeRoy prefers HIS eggs, would feed an entire BAND of hungry human hunter-gatherers, for a good long three-day weekend.

And that may very well be one of the reasons WHY the elephant bird is extinct.

Except for the interesting rumors that they may have survived right up until the time of European contact with Madagascar in the 16th and 17th centuries.....

If only we could revive or resurrect such species.....

Maybe all the new tools of genetic engineering and synthetic biology will allow us to do so.....
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Sep 2014
That bird can grow up to 5 feet tall and 160 pounds. Florida has the scariest critters. Huge snakes, lizards, birds and bugs. o_O

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