For all those lamenting Trump getting us out of another war of choice in syria..

Rev. Hellh0und

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Jul 2011
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I noticed several articles and statements by folks lamenting the US leaving the kurds. Well I have a solution for those of you who feel this way.

If you feel so strongly for the plight of the kurds, Each one of these links can put you closer to the action. Apply, and take up arms in defense of the kurds.

I think it's high time for those who support wars of choice to fight them themselves. Let's not put young american men and women in harms way for foreigners on foreign land.

It's a lucrative gig too paying 6 figures usually.

If you need help applying, let me know!
May 2016
Mercenary always pays well but they won't let trump pull out all the troops, he's just the president.