For Jews, America was once exceptional. Now, anti-Semitism is as strong here as in Europe.

Apr 2012
I'm not. I am saying that hate groups of all kinds are on the rise, not just for Jews. There is nothing unique to Jews that is going on in America.
A friend of mine went with his Pastor and fellow Christians to Israel. He was actually made to be stripped naked, a very humiliating experience for my fellow Christian that I have known for years.
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Jun 2011
God Bless Texas
The article from the OP is mainly talking about religious freedom, which is not under threat from this government. None of us are free from terrorists. There is no country that is.
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Jan 2015
Great State of Texas
I'm not. I am saying that hate groups of all kinds are on the rise, not just for Jews. There is nothing unique to Jews that is going on in America.
I agree ....

Look at the number of MAGA Hat attckes we have seen in the news lately.
May 2016
Yes I am a person who is aware. They are all around. All sorts. I leave my condo, make a right, and I am in Crip territory. I find that good to know sometimes. I know which direction the Mexican Cartel controls, and I am not going there. That is for my safety.

You have no idea the level of racism that exists in some areas against me for being white. Male Crips of course are not a problem. It's the females. One of the men looks at me and BAM, I am that fucking white girl trying to get up on her man. She might just kill me. It's been tried more than once.

My particular complex used to be Aryan territory. Not sure anymore. Oddly, I would sit down with a (male) Crip before I'd knowingly sit down with any kind of Aryan anything.

Hell, I'd jump in a car with one carefree. They don't have anything against me. Aryans, they see me 'mixing' and they don't like it. Learned that almost being killed too.

They are definitely not all like that, but how can I tell? I can't, so I just don't want to go there.

Flip side of that coin, though, if you are a white girl in Downtown Phoenix or Dallas, and someone has your back just for the fact that you are white, you accept that luxury w/o asking too many questions. When your life is on the line, you will.

That is what the AC History sheet that I posted is talking about. Some of it is real. I've seen it. But from AB's, not AC's. ABs have 'guard duty' for other white people.

They are ex-con, unpaid volunteers in the community. Absolutely not out to cause one lick of trouble. But they see some going down, they might pick a side and get into it.

Are some of them very fine people? Yes, they sure as fucking shit are. As are some Crips, etc., whoever you want to name.

Did you watch this week's law and order SVU? It was awesome. I am not in that world, but I do understand it.

The ending was perfect: Ice T and that guy. 'It's where we are from'.

Sheesh, drama much? Now I understand why you constantly attempt to deflect when anyone discusses white nationalists and racism. I mean, you even attempted to question the link between white nationalism and religion, when the KKK used religion to try and get more support for their agenda. That's like asking what's the link between Trump and a lie, they go hand in hand.
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