For Jews, America was once exceptional. Now, anti-Semitism is as strong here as in Europe.


Apr 2010
Pittsburgh, PA
Trump thinks White Supremacists are fine people. White Supremacists hate Jews and love Trump but so does Benjamin Netanyahu. It's all about the money. (bennies) Go figure.
And you approvingly quoted a known anti-Semite. Your dislike of Trump has nothing to do with dislike of bigotry. In fact, your dislike of white supremacists is only because you think they like Trump.


Former Staff
Apr 2007
Deep State
Personally, I was disgusted with white supremacist bigots long before you guys elected Trump.
You know how signs like fluffier squirrel tails foretell a cold winter?

I wonder what increasing inwardly spiraling convoluted arguments by right-wingers suggests is coming.

"You wouldn't mind white supremacists if Trump weren't president." heh-heh...
Jun 2011
God Bless Texas
So you are saying you stand with BLM? Since when? I must have missed your posts identifying such.
No, I was saying you're using their same dumb argument. If everyone's house is on fire, there is no use in saying but a BLACK person's house is on fire. Oh, now a JEW's house is on fire, as if that means more than the other houses, makes them less important.