For Jews, America was once exceptional. Now, anti-Semitism is as strong here as in Europe.

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White Supremacists are religious? Come on. I got invited randomly by some guy to church once. The church of Aryan Brotherhood. Come on now, that is not a real church!
You may want to spread your horizons and do some more thinking and research on that........

"As a Christian who worships the loving, forgiving Savior on a cross, I find it particularly troubling when the cross is used as a weapon to justify racism, hatred and violence — the very stuff I’m convinced Jesus came to heal the world of. And as one who worships a browned-skinned Arab Jew from Palestine who spoke Aramaic and died with love on his lips … I am sickened when I see neo-Nazis try to baptize their bigotry."

"After the KKK threatened protestors in Ferguson following the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown, I was in Ferguson, and I went on the KKK’s website. I was disturbed, not just by the overt hatred spewed there, but by the theology that backed it up. They were invoking Christ in their threats — and so I did a little snooping. Not only did their threats in Ferguson invoke God’s blessing, but their entire website was sprinkled with how God blessed their activities. One part in particular caught my attention: Under the heading “Tradition,” I found one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever seen — a theological explanation of why KKK members set the cross on fire in those iconic images of lynchings and hate-filled mobs."

"This is the statement from the KKK website:"

"The lighted cross of The Knights is no different than the average church that has a lighted cross either on top or in front of their church building. The light of the cross symbolizes the Light of Christ dispelling darkness and ignorance. It is the fire of the cross that reminds us of the cleansing “fire” of Christ that cleanses evil from our land. The fiery cross is a symbol that has long been popular with the Christian faith. … We don’t burn the cross, we light the cross. We recognize that Christ is the light of the world. The lighted cross is a symbol of freedom — freedom from sin — freedom from tyranny. When a Klansman or Klanswoman participates in a cross lighting ceremony they are making a public declaration to Jesus Christ of their continued commitment to the Christian faith."
Twisting the cross: The deadly theology of white supremacy - Religion News Service

It seems quite intersting that a group like the KKK would suggest that they somehow "see the light" and their cross burning is the equivalent of dispelling darkness and ignorance. In my experience, hatred and bigotry seems to come from those who promote fear and blame of others, not like them and those who out of ignorance, believe the fear mongering and don't care to see all people as humans, but see people not like them, as threats to their existence as if living in a primitive age.

There is also more history that some posters here might be interested in that would tend to conflict in some, if not many ways, some of the things they are saying.

"Golden age of Jewish culture in Spain"
Golden age of Jewish culture in Spain - Wikipedia

Coexistence in Medieval Spain: Jews, Christians, and Muslims
Coexistence in Medieval Spain: Jews, Christians, and Muslims | Coursera

Persian Jews
Persian Jews - Wikipedia

Shootings (a form of terrorism) has occurred in more recent decades and more frequently in the last two or three decades in more than just synagogues, churches and mosques, but in schools and places of public gathering. Some people seem to think the "solution" is more armed people, perhaps not thinking that more armed people mean more odds that more of those people are going to have some mental issues that mean they may point their arms in the wrong direction. Plus, who wants to live in a war zone where everyone needs to carry a deadly weapon to feel "safe" in their own backyards.

Shootings/bombings/terrorism that kills and injures ANYONE is tragic and sad and it is sad that anyone can find such hatred in their heart to kill and to kill anyone, based on their religion, their gender, who they love, the color of their skin, etc. or in any manner that is NOT an accident of defending one's self. Even in defense, the thought should be to stop the attack, NOT to kill the attacker, if for no other reason than a life taken cannot in any way, be restored. There are MANY ways to stop attacks besides killing, yet we appear to have built a culture that suggests there is justification to kill anyone, simply based on a perceived threat. This, when extended to those with mental health issues, presents a means for those with those issues to confuse or exaggerate who their "enemies" are and how far to take their fears of those they have been taught to fear as their enemies.

I also cannot find a practical logic for a culture or belief in revenge as it presents no ending if there is an obligation to avenge a death, with a death. All it does is perpetuate killing, death and more vengeance.

Perhaps instead of arming ourselves and breaking off into factions that hate or accuse other factions, we should think about where not only hatred comes from, but how it is perpetuated and how we have come to where we are. Is hatred a taught thing? Are humans geared toward finding something, someone to blame for their problems and not geared toward looking in the mirror (ethic of reciprocity/humility/honesty) to see if we might be contributing to the problems that come our way? Are we calling others out for their actions, while ignoring our own? Do we "hate" "haters", not recognizing that when we hate, even haters, we are haters too? Do we blame others for doing things we don't check to see if we are doing, also? Do we teach children or others that hatred is wrong, while at the same time, teaching them to hate those that hate us?

How the did we get here and how the can we truly make the world a better place, instead of a worse place where anyone thinks all people carrying loaded weapons to feel "safe" is an acceptable way to exist?
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God Bless Texas
Never said it covers all scenarios but it may stop a active shooter situation. I am not big on CC but if I were Jewish, I most definitely would train for a CC.
Why only if you were Jewish? It happens to Christians and Muslims here too.


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Back to the actual topic

In my neighborhood, there are a number of synagogues and churches. The church doors are open, welcoming all. The synagogues have armed guards, fences, door codes, and people who will stop strangers as they enter. Ostensibly these are welcomers, but their real job is to check whether these strangers wish to do the people inside harm. Our children look at the church across the street and recognize that, while Jews need protection, the kids there do not. The attack on a Chabad synagogue in Poway, California, has reminded Jews—yet again—that their houses of prayer are not safe spaces. But for the fact that the assailant’s gun jammed, the attack could have been far worse than the October attack in Pittsburgh, which claimed 11 lives.

In the wake of the Poway attack, law-enforcement officers, government officials, and the media kept stressing that the gunman had acted alone. They may have been trying to reassure the public, and in the narrowest technical terms, they may have been correct. But this assailant was no lone wolf. He is part of a nexus of haters. The shooters in Charleston, Pittsburgh, Christchurch, and now Poway all relied on similar language and memes. The Christchurch and Poway shooters both posted manifestos prior to their rampages. They referred their social-media followers to some of the same websites and offered similar justifications for their actions.

These gunmen may not have received direct orders from a leader, but social media have eliminated the necessity for a leader to issue orders, facilitating their radicalization. And though there is no reason to think they’ve ever met, they are deeply connected, one with the other. White supremacism—which has at its core anti-Semitism—is nurtured by the extremist rhetoric that has become almost commonplace within the United States. It is growing and flourishing. Had this act of terror been committed by an individual influenced by ISIS or al-Qaeda, it would quickly have been labeled terrorism. Government agencies must recognize white-supremacist attacks as a form of domestic terrorism, and treat them as such.

Our president’s claim that these attacks are coming from a “small group of people” and present no “rising threat” is contradicted not only by Charleston, Poway, and Pittsburgh, but also by recent assessments by law-enforcement entities. Both the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security have warned of the threat of violence from white supremacists. In recent years, white supremacists have been responsible for more homicides than any other extremist group.

Anti-Semitism Is Thriving in America

Just so sad and freighting for our friends of the Jewish faith. .
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Discriminatory Content
You posted a antisemitic comment by Omar that set the Nation on fire in a thread about violence about Jews. It was a repulsive and shameless comment for a thread like this. Your posts are making me sick from the hypocrisy of it. I am done here.
If Jews had any religious morals they'd return the land back to Palestine and speak out against their new friend Trump's racism. It's bullshit.
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Just so sad and freighting for our friends of the Jewish faith. .
I am sure Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, the New York Times, the DSA, Democrat darling the Rev. Al Sharpton, and most the Democrat Party in Congress share your pain.


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If Jews had any religious morals they'd return the land back to Palestine and speak out against their new friend Trump's racism. It's bullshit.
I think I understand now. You don't dislike the Charlottesville crowd because they hate Jews. You don't like them because you assume they voted for Trump.