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Jul 2011
I am responding, in part, to this: Georgia's governor signs a controversial abortion bill into law

Figured I'd just start my own thread, rather than derail that one.

It's funny...

My own original homeland by birth, Abkhazia, once a part of a different kind of Georgia, under pressure by groups connected to the Russian Church, completely outlawed abortion back in 2016: The Abkhazian Constitution now officially bans abortions / OrthoChristian.Com

By 2017, a year later, already nasty consequences for women emerged, including at least two deaths which could have been avoided:

“Women order pills for chemical abortion online, they administer them themselves, even in late pregnancy. We have had women with severe complications at our hospital. One patient, after taking such a ‘miracle pill’ had her uterus seam loosen and the foetus fell into the abdominal cavity. We barely saved her,” Vorobyova recalls.

Two pregnant women have died since the ban was introduced. Their children were saved, but their two large families were left without mothers.

“These women came to the hospital early in their pregnancy to terminate them, but they were turned away due to the ban. One died from eclampsia — a severe condition that occurs only in pregnant women. The second shouldn’t have give birth either,” the doctor said.
Meet the women affected by Abkhazia’s abortion ban

There were more deaths since then too, I read about it in Russian language media...

Among those affected, is one of my sisters-in-law back there, my second eldest brother's wife.

She is pregnant at the moment, this is their fifth child. A boy. They have been told, categorically, he will have serious birth defects. In simple terms, he won't ever be able to walk, or even talk properly. Can't recall what sort of disease or whatever it is, but that's the basic gist of it.

Abkhazia is a very poor country, overall. 3rd world. Poor and corrupt.

This is a place where, still, now more than two decades after the 90s wars with Georgia, lots of people continue to live in bullet riddled buildings

And many schools certainly in rural areas, are in a bad condition and lack even modern furniture

Same for health care facilities, like this horrendous psychiatric clinic in Gudauta

Only real stable source of income there, in the rural countryside where my brother lives, is to be a mandarin farmer

People there grow tons of mandarins, which Russians love; drive em across the border into Russia

and leave their women with them there, to sell em on the street markets

In the border towns in Russia's Krasnodar region, near Abkhazia, you would see old beat up Ladas from Abkhazia all over the streets, loaded up, some utterly overloaded, with mandarins, for the markets in Russia


It's really damn near the only way to make a living in Abkhazia.

That, or the tourism service sector; Abkhazia is also known widely as a vacation paradise among Russians too, in summer or winter, from beaches on the Black Sea to snowboarding and skiing in the mountains, to exploring huge caves (which have a special underground train to take you to them!), something for everyone over there
It's a magnificent, beautiful place, truly, one of the crown gems of former USSR; so much potential; it's why it is so sad to see regular people struggling in poverty there... :(

But, point is, this is NOT a place with the resources to provide a decent life for disabled people inside it. Bringing a child with multiple sclerosis or whatever it is that one has, into that world, is sentencing him to a lifetime of hell, considerably shortened as that lifetime may be. They know it, my brother and sis-in-law. They want to abort him, now, in the early stages. But, it is not allowed. All abortion banned, period. Only way, is to go across the border, to a Russian doctor.

Russia, in 2017, extended their medical coverage to all Abkhazians who have Russian passports, which is basically majority of population there: Abkhazians with Russian passports to receive Russian medical insurance

Still, Russian doctors in the border areas demand hefty bribes from patients who come in from Abkhazia, knowing that many of those people are ignorant of Russian laws and their rights under those laws, and will pay up, because they have nowhere else to go and no other option (especially ones, as in this case, looking for abortion). Obviously, not all families can afford such bribes (my brother, with help of our parents, is able to, thank God).

This is what a thoughtless, irresponsible abortion ban does in an already screwed up society...

It is fitting, you know, that the only member of Abkhazia's 35-person legislature who voted against it in 2016 was Emma Gamisonia, its only female member...

Some religious people seem to believe that women's bodies don;t belong to those women, but to them, for them to control and use as they please... Without any thought of the consequences...

Young women over there are paying the price, with their very lives in some cases

Same will happen anywhere where such barbaric, draconian bans are enacted. Guaranteed...
Jul 2013
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Here is what we get in this country.
Robert Dear.png
On November 27, 2015, a mass shooting occurred in a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado, resulting in the deaths of three people and injuries to nine.[1][2] A police officer and two civilians were killed; five police officers and four civilians were injured.[3][4] After a standoff that lasted five hours,[1][5] police SWAT teams crashed armored vehicles into the lobby and the attacker surrendered.[6]

The attacker, Robert Lewis Dear Jr., was taken into custody and charged three days later with first-degree murder and ordered held without bond. At a December 9 court appearance, Dear repeatedly interrupted proceedings, made statements affirming his guilt (although he did not enter a formal plea), and expressed anti-abortion and anti-Planned Parenthood views, calling himself "a warrior for the babies." He also asserted his desire to act as his own attorney in the criminal case against him. Subsequent court-ordered mental competency evaluations determined Dear to be delusional, and the judge presiding over the case ruled in May 2016 that Dear was incompetent to stand trial and ordered him indefinitely confined to a Colorado state mental hospital. In 2018, the court ruled that Dear remains incompetent to stand trial.
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Apr 2018
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Nope. Just, having for last couple years observed what's been happening over there, in the land of my birth, I think it's stupid as hell that some want to bring that experience here, to what is supposed to be the Free World, in North America...
Freedom, or in the Left's case, free-dumb, is NOT killing your offspring for any reason whatsoever.
Mar 2019
Freedom, or in the Left's case, free-dumb, is NOT killing your offspring for any reason whatsoever.
It is still murder. After the BABY is removed, HE/SHE still has arms,legs, a head,eyes,a Heart . Sure LOOKS like a human. Not a throw away appendage. Perhaps if these folks practiced abstinence? Or at least used condoms? Abortion is big business. Dr. Mengele would be proud.
Jul 2013
Nashville, TN
It is still murder. After the BABY is removed, HE/SHE still has arms,legs, a head,eyes,a Heart . Sure LOOKS like a human. Not a throw away appendage. Perhaps if these folks practiced abstinence? Or at least used condoms? Abortion is big business. Dr. Mengele would be proud.
Says the person that would not spend one penny of his own money to keep that same baby from dying of starvation.
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