Forbes Ranks Canada #1 for Business


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Aug 2010
Forbes magazine has ranked Canada as the world's top country for business, up from No. 4 last year, partly because of the introduction of the Harmonized Sales Tax in B.C. and Ontario.

Now, if only the people of B.C. had decided to keep the HST, we might keep that ranking. (That's tongue-in-cheek. I hate paying the HST. I just happen to live in Ontario, rather than B.C.)

In its rankings, Forbes looked at 11 areas in 134 countries, including property rights, innovation, taxes, tech, corruption, personal, trade and monetary freedoms, red tape, investor protection and the performance of stocks.

Forbes noted that the Canadian economy has held up well compared to others, while the U.S. is in the grip of fear and Europe in the midst of a debt crisis, while its banks survived the financial crisis.

"During the run-up to every U.S. presidential election, countless Americans threaten to move to Canada if their preferred candidate does not emerge victorious," Kurt Badenhausen of Forbes writes. "Of course, few follow through with a move north. Maybe it is time to reconsider."

On the issue of its overall tax burden, Canada now ranks ninth, well up from 23rd spot in 2010. But ...
Forbes ranks Canada #1 for business, cites HST (Oops) - The Globe and Mail

It is a little bit funny that HST was cited as a reason. Ontarians aren't very happy with it either and will probably be getting rid of it, if I'm "up" on my HST drama.


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Jan 2010
Pretty damn impressive. Wonder what happens next year if the HST is repealed.

LOl @ the Americans threatening to move north comment. I found on Facebook a couple years ago that a girlfriend from High School did just that. They moved to Ottowa, have three little boys, are are lovin' the hockey <G>.
Feb 2010
Canada is booming. Thanks to oil and cheaper labor. The company I worked for sent hundreds of jobs to Canada. Aren't they socialist?


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Jun 2010
South Florida
I'd consider moving to canada but for the fact that its so godamn cold. me and igloos don't do well together.