Former MLB star David Ortiz shot in the back

Mar 2012
New Hampshire
Looks like he now is in stable condition.

Former Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz was hospitalized Monday following surgery for a gunshot wound after being ambushed by a man in a bar in his native Dominican Republic, authorities said.

Dominican National Police Director Ney Aldrin Bautista Almonte said Ortiz was at the Dial Bar and Lounge in Santo Domingo around 8:50 p.m. local time Sunday when a gunman approached from behind and shot him at close range. Ortiz was taken to the Abel Gonzalez clinic, where he underwent surgery, and his condition was stable, Bautista said.

Ortiz's father, Leo, speaking to reporters outside the clinic, said his son was out of danger and there wasn't any collateral damage, meaning no damage to major organs. He said he had no idea why someone would have shot at his son.

The alleged gunman was captured and beaten by a crowd of people at the bar, Bautista said. He said police are waiting until the man undergoes treatment for his injuries before questioning him.

Investigators are trying to determine whether Ortiz was the intended target, Bautista said.
Feb 2007
Ortiz assistant is saying "no doubt" that the shooting was by a hitman.

So, he's got enemies, and in the DR in a bar late at night, he's putting himself at risk.
There are some horror stories circulating around the internet about soft-defectors from that country. They do not like it... sums it up.
Oct 2009
The DR is pretty damn dangerous, in multiple ways.

I understand it is his homeland and how that must mean a lot to him, but Ortiz has no reason to go back there and he has the money to get his whole family and closest friends out. That's what he needs to do and others with the ability to follow suit should do so.
Oct 2009
Fun fact: The relationship between the U.S. and the DR goes far beyond baseball, and the U.S. Grant administration made concrete steps toward peacefully annexing it.

Unlike Puerto Rico, which the U.S. claimed as a prize of war, only conferring citizenship onto an occupied people so as to provide an easy source of conscripts, DR enthusiastically sought annexation. Grant envisioned the first majority-minority state in the Union, a clear safe haven for U.S. freedmen to escape oppression in the South (while still retaining their rights as citizens).

Fearful of contending with a burgeoning non-white player in U.S. politics, racists in the Senate killed the treaty. Had that not happened, it's fair to say that in all likelihood, the DR and Haiti would be much better off today and the U.S. would have a much surer foot planted in the Caribbean, as opposed to a single isolated colony on PR that we don't seem to know what to do with.
Oct 2009
May 2019
The video below shows 1 of the suspects being brought to the police station. Good! Get well Big Papi.

A man has been charged in relation to the shooting that injured retired Boston Red Sox player David Ortiz.

Video shows sophisticated attack on ex-slugger David Ortiz
Jun 12, 2019 at 1:50p ET

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic (AP) — Dominican prosecutors say witnesses and security camera footage show that the attempt to kill former Red Sox star David Ortiz was carried out by two men on a motorcycle and two other groups of people in cars, indicating a new level of sophistication in the attack.

The details were contained in a court document obtained by The Associated Press on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Ortiz’s wife said in statement that the former Red Sox star was able to sit up and take some steps as he recuperates in the intensive care unit at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.


In a court document, Dominican prosecutors said one of the shooting suspects, Oliver Moisés Mirabal Acosta, was driving a grey Hyundai Accent before mounting a motorcycle driven by 25-year-old Eddy Vladimir Feliz García.

Prosecutors also said the two men were seen on security camera footage talking with other people in the Accent and another Hyundai in a nearby street before the shooting at 9:20 p.m. on Sunday.

“In one of the videos it was possible to observe both the accused and the shooter planning the commission of the incident right on Octavio Mejía Ricard Street, which is parallel to the place where the event took place,” prosecutors said in the court document.

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