Found a quarter on the floor at the bank

What do you do if you find $ on the floor at the bank?

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Sep 2016
My own world
Seriously a quarter isn't even worth the thread. Pocket change isn't worth much so I wouldn't even think about it one way or the other. Is it easier to put it in my pocker or put it on the counter given were I am at the time? That's my answer.
Mar 2008
Broadcast Depth
I found a whole bank vault full of money at the bank. Probably a good thing it's FDIC insured. The perfect crime.
Oct 2013
I'd give it to the teller. When I was a kid the bank gave me $300 more than I had in my account without me realizing it. When I counted it I drove back and gave it back to them. I'm sure they would have caught the mistake after hours of auditing but I did it because it wasn't mine to keep. I returned it because it is part of my DNA.

Apparently many of you don't know that whatever you find and keep, you lose double to make up for it - karma 101. lol