Found a quarter on the floor at the bank

What do you do if you find $ on the floor at the bank?

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Council Hall
Dec 2007
Pennsylvania, USA
It really depends on the amount. Under a dollar, and I'm not going to waste the teller's time.

Once, in high school, I was put in a difficult position. I was talking with some friends in the school lobby, and a teacher walked past me. He was about 30 feet past me when he pulled his wallet out of his back pocket, and a paper bill fell to the ground. The teacher was unaware; he had his back to me and was still walking. And none of my friends were facing him. So what made it a difficult decision? It was my gym teacher; and he was a total asshole with a proclivity for racist comments.

If I hadn't seen him drop the bill ... if I'd just noticed the bill just ten seconds later, it would have been an easy call. But no, I grudgingly did the right thing. I got up, scooped up the bill (it was a $10*), and caught up with the teacher who grunted a monosyllabic thanks, and continued out the school.

* I just checked an inflation calculator, and it was $21.78 in today's dollars.
Jan 2016
When I was about ten years old, I found a $20 bill on a public playground. Near a swing-set and see-saw. There was no one else around. This was a clear case of finder's keeper's. It was mine. There would have been NO way to find the 'rightful owner'. Just some careless person who dropped a $20 bill. As a ten year old, I felt temporarily rich. Believe I spent the windfall, the treasure, on comic books.

Years later, I heard this economics joke about the University of Chicago, which is known as a bastion of free market fundamentalism:

One fine spring day, two economics professors were walking across the University of Chicago campus, when one of them suddenly stopped and pointed, saying, "Look! There's a $20 bill on the ground!"

The other economist continued right on walking, saying, "No, that's not possible! If there was a $20 bill there, someone would have picked it up already!"

Needless to say, I found the joke very funny, given my own personal experience to the contrary.