FOX built a 400 pg. dossier against the REPORTER who wrote the book about AISLES

Jul 2015
Paranoid a little?? The book the author wrote wasn't even 400 pages long! "Fair and Balanced" my ass. This is precisely the NIXONIAN shit Aisles and other of Nixon's 'palace guards' dealt in. Christ, 40 years later and NIXONS paranoia and fear mongering style is still a part of REPUBLICAN process. The irony of course, is that judging from the crap they dug up on the guy, there wasn't any TRASH to use.

Revealed: Fox News built 400-page dossier on reporter writing book about Roger Ailes

26 AUG 2016 AT 20:10 ET

Roger Ailes (Wikipedia Commons)

[FONT=&amp]Fox News combed through reporter Gabriel Sherman’s real estate records and his Internet history as part of a 400-page “opposition research” document, CNN reported on Friday.

“I don’t take it personally,” said Sherman, whose 2014 book The Loudest Voice In The Room focused on former CEO Roger Ailes’ tactics leading the conservative network. “As I report in my book, Ailes was determined to control his story. This appears to be more evidence of that.”

The findings regarding Sherman were distributed in a Jan. 5, 2012 memo titled “to interested parties.” It included 41 about him. It also contained a “hit list” compiling Sherman’s reporting on Fox News personalities and GOP “power brokers.”

Fox News public relations head Irena Briganti denied the allegations in a statement. “The Fox News PR department was never involved in conducting or executing any

Revealed: Fox News built 400-page dossier on reporter writing book about Roger Ailes
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Jul 2014
Border Fence
Nixonian = HRC

Enemies list
deleted information (18 minutes of tape vs 30,000 Emails)
Two distinct differences [although not to a Republican].

1. HRC is not President of the United States

2. Clinton's emails had noting to do with her political rivals.

It would be moronic to assume that any emails deleted while at State were of Clinton illegally plotting and covering up actions against her political rivals.

Just more Alt-right thinking.
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