Fox News has spent the day crying that the GOP's last lie about Hillary is dead


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Hillary will not be indicted and there goes the GOP's last hope....last lie about Hillary Clinton before the election.

Good job President Obama!

In addition to the this:

Past cases suggest Hillary won’t be indicted

A POLITICO review shows marked differences between her case and those that led to charges.
By Josh Gerstein
04/11/16 05:26 AM EDT

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Edit: Fox is still whining and crying about this right now.
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I would suggest some of the anti-Hillary munitions haven't even been launched yet.

There's a gathering storm over the Panama Papers, the Podesta Group, Podesta's role as a major fund bundler for Hillary, Russian and Saudi investment funds and their donations to the Clinton Foundation.

I'd watch that particular story carefully.

I wonder if Bernie will play that card on Thursday?
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Nice NY Times piece on Chris Wallace.

Blows up the Devil meme rather well.

Good thread to stick it in....

As Fox News grapples with how to cover Mr. Trump — who has tested the network’s influence and battled its anchors, even as he stokes its ratings — Mr. Wallace has stood out as Fox’s moderate, occasionally contrarian voice, irritating Mr. Trump with tough questions and, on occasion, tweaking his opinionated colleagues, too.

When Mr. Trump pledged in an interview to act more presidential, Mr. Wallace parried: “When are you going to start?” Then there was the time he ticked off Roger Ailes, Fox’s powerful chairman, after chastising the hosts of the network’s morning show, “Fox and Friends,” for their carping coverage of Senator Barack Obama in 2008.

“They were very unhappy,” Mr. Wallace recalled. “I had called them out on the air.” He added: “There’s a phrase that we all talk about, which is, ‘You do not fire inside the tent.’ That’s the ultimate transgression in Roger Ailes’s mind.”