Fox News is a "hate-for-profit racket," says Warren

Jun 2014
United States
Agreed. More power to her. That will be a great consolation prize.

I don't expect her to win the Democratic presidential nomination. She's probably a little too far to the left in some of her policy positions to attract the vast number of pragmatic centrists within the Democratic base. That said, I still admire her choice to remain true to her ethical principles. We see far too little of that from our politicians these days. Lindsey Graham is a prime example of that phenomenon, though he is hardly the only one. Any Senator should know better than to go on a network news program and advise someone to violate the law by refusing to comply with a Senate subpoena to testify, as Graham did last Sunday in regard to Donald Trump Jr., and he is a Senator who also happens to be a licensed attorney. His behavior was inexcusable.

Bravo, Elizabeth!

I can admire your logical consistency in spite of your not being my first choice for the presidency.


Former Staff
Dec 2013
I think she should go on Fox. Bernie did. And when the moderator asked the usual right wing questions on healthcare Sanders blew it away with actual facts.

I'd love to hear Warren's response to corporate power and abuse.
I agree she absolutely should, and I think her comments about the network are spot on. Would have rather her said them on a live town hall on Fox, though.

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