FOX News Poll: 42% Of Americans Think Trump Worked With Russia In 2016 Election

Dec 2014
The Milky Way
Two plus years of MSM propaganda and you are surprised? Of course reality is it surely is lower as the polling probably over sampled crazed Dims. Dims who won't let go of the Big Lie.
May 2013
N Oregon Coast
I haven't read Mueller's report, but for anyone is paying attention it would be difficult to see them coming to any other conclusion (not necessarily in this order):

1. Over 100 meetings by Trump campaign officials and family with Russian spies in run-up to election - ALL of them lied about
2. Totally willing to set up meetings (Trump Tower) in the interest of gathering dirt - (and lied about that too)
3. From last minute convention platform changes forward - Willing to do anything and everything Putin wants
4. Roger Stone - Intimate knowledge of when Podesta emails would start dripping
5. "Russia are you listening" after which (later that VERY day) Russian trolls tried to crawl into Hillary's server
6. Believing Putin denial over his own intelligence chiefs and making a laughing stock out of our country in Helsinki
7. Alienating every last ally we have with Pro-Russia policies
8. Being forced by congress to put sanctions in place
9. Months worth of lies about Trump Tower Moscow
10.Russian gangster emoluments, contributions to inauguration committee and their attendance at inauguration
11. Yucking it up with Russian spies in the Oval Office about Comey in front of Russian media only

That's just for starters ...
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