Fox: Obama is bad for doing something. But Trump is good if he does that same thing


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When Obama does it:
"President Obama likes talking to dictators!"
"He would meet some of these madmen without preconditions"
"I think that's a mistake"
"Obama is bowing and scraping before dictators"
"What is team Obama doing establishing formal contacts with these people?"

When Trump does it:
"The commander in chief's leadership is now leading to a major foreign policy breakthrough"
"Another stunning Donald Trump breakthrough"
"President Trump scoring a big win"
"Its time to celebrate great victory when it happens"
"President Trump proves the experts wrong once again and scores a stunning diplomatic triumph"

The GOP is hopelessly broken. Fox news is not news. In fact, there should be a warning label on all Fox broadcasts that the following program is for conservative entertainment, and not to be taken literally.
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Feb 2007
In my mind
I am thinking of the irony of Trump attacking Obama for the multilateral agreement with Iran, all on paper, with required verification to ensure compliance, along with a myriad of other comprehensive features juxtaposed against Trump's silly claims of ending this problem with no comprehensive, signed agreement nor verification actions agreed to.
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[h=2]Fox: Obama is bad for doing something. But Trump is good if he does that same thing[/h]
Simple answer that all Americans should understand:
GOP opposition to Obama compared to Trump was IS:
1. Hypocrisy based on party...and bad for our country.
2.Racsim based on color difference alone and bad for our country.
3. A combination of 1 & 2 and bad for our country.

I believe strongly it's # 3 and the only question is the accurate percentage.
(My guess is about 50/50)
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