Fox Parrots Trump's Lame Attempt to Discredit Bill Taylor Testimony...Fails Miserably. What Else is New?

Sep 2019
dfw, texas
Good thing we have Fox Snooze to be an impartial judge of this whole impeachment scenario. Here they are trying to claim what Bill Taylor said about an aide overhearing Trump tell Sondland about making sure the Ukraines investigate the Bidens, is no bueno because Taylor said the aide reminded him of it last Friday, but the aide testified he told him about it in early August, so therefore it don't count, so there!! And guess what, that is the official Trump campaign line of defense, too!! You had to be reminded, therefore it cannot be true!! Bailiff, whack his pee-pee!! Case dismissed!!

As those playing along at home know, during the "perfect" phone call, Trump specifically said his favor was for Zelensky to work with Rudy and Lapdog Barr to develop info on the goofy theory Crowdstrike and to investigate the Bidens. But in this Fox article trying to defend Bone Spur Trump, they act like that is no big deal, so what, move on....right here-
The transcript of his July 25 phone call, released by the White House, showed that he was, indeed, asking Zelensky to open the investigations. The anecdote about the phone call Holmes purportedly overheard would only underscore that the president was continuing to follow up on those investigations after his call with Zelensky. (yeah, that's all- ONLY UNDERSCORE the quo of the quid pro quo- we release the military aid when you announce these investigations...)

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May 2019
What DJT said in the phone call "summary" is right in front of them and yet they (HIS groupies) fail to see.