Fox San Antonio uncovers fake documents being used at the border

Dec 2014
The Milky Way
The amount of fraud, including fraudulent claims of asylum, is mind boggling. Look! Trump taxes.

It's a mad dash to the border, more than 108,000 men, women and children have illegally entered the U.S., A loophole allows men or women with children to be released withing 7-10 days.

What Fox San Antonio has found out is that not all are truly the father or mother of the child they claim is there flesh and blood and that is what Homeland Security Investigations is now focusing on.

What we discovered is a trail of fake documents that may be accelerating the collapse of the Immigration Court System according to the American Bar Association. Fake birth certificates that Homeland Security Investigations believes are being used by males to get into the U.S. with children who may not be their daughter or son, but will help them get released within 7-10 days. I traveled to Del Rio where the Guatemalan consul showed us first hand some of those fake birth certificates found along the border.


Fox San Antonio uncovers fake documents being used at the border
Jan 2007
Asylum laws need to be radically changed. The abuse is at emergency levels. A state of national emergency should be declared as of now. Use what ever means to stop it.