France in Turmoil -- The People Rise Up Against Globalism

Nov 2018
Bel Air, MD
So, you're one of those folks, huh?

Whatever... It's a free country. You can believe anything you like.

I don't know what planet you are writing from, but down here on planet Earth, it's obvious what the Democrats want to do. And, they have already said they want to raise taxes. And, it doesn't take a Dick Tracy to know what they will do with that money.
Jul 2013
On a happy trail
That's funny, dude. I have had to counsel a lot of people, and found I needed crayons when talking to liberals
I doubt it's any surprise to posters here that you need to use crayons to verbally communicate as if that makes any sense. But the important question is...have you learned to not color outside the lines yet?
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Nov 2018
Bel Air, MD
Oh, I get it. "Chucky and Nancy" want to take away our hard earned, perfectly white money and give it to brown people.

It's pretty simple, really.
No, they want to take money away from people who've earned it and give it to people who haven't.

Skin color has nothing to do with it.
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Dec 2015
So, now we go to personal attacks. This is all you libs seem to be capable of these days.
I expect such behavior from 2 year olds, but not from so-called adults.
If you are going to complain about personal attacks, perhaps you shouldn't engage in one with the same breath.

That said, it sure is curious both you and Tiberius have such trouble with subject-verb agreement.

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