France in Turmoil -- The People Rise Up Against Globalism

Oct 2014
This is the first thread on the subject that didn't try to frame the riots as being related to gas prices.

Good to see that the narrative is collapsing.

When I saw the police take off their helmets and ambulances blocking roads... then there was the widely spread notice that the "storm" is going to start on Dec 10.

There's one thing the French love to do is protest / riot. And this is something like 15-20 years in the building up.

It's going to end up being their military who will wind up having to pick a side. Macron or the rest of their people.
Aug 2018
Out of curiosity I looked up France’s fuel prices.

Holy shit!

I live in one of the more progressive, tax-heavy Provinces in a progressive, tax-heavy country. And almost every sort of fuel in France was about 2.5x more expensive than here. Gasoline is double.

It’s insane.
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Aug 2018

It's going to end up being their military who will wind up having to pick a side. Macron or the rest of their people.
Meh. I don’t know. He’s already “postponed” a hike. A face saving way to back down and try to diffuse the situation.

There will always be what. I call “professional protesters”. Left wing morons and right wing crazies, and single issue activists. When shit gets real is when normal working people are out there joining the rally. THATS serious.

I’m thinking with Macron easing up those people will go home.

Then it’ll just be the police and the usual suspects for a few more days.

Hopefully anyway.

I don’t get the “France used to be French”, “Europe used to be Europe” sort of comments. Europe has been famous for centuries for protests and riots over things like this. France in particular. They LOVE a good riot.

This IS France being France.

All the immigrants and refugees are st home thinking “Qu’est-ce que fuck?”

Lol. I imagine a bunch of Algerians, Libyans and Syrians in Paris watching tv saying “I can’t believe the police let these thugs get away with this shit. The government should do something. Those white people are ruining our beautiful city”
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Dec 2014
The basic idea of using forced compassion and other people's money to build a kingdom is rather offensive.
Or another way of looking at it is that one may love one's country enough to see it prosper, and to see the people rise above the hardships of previous generations. That's how I see paying taxes in my country. I don't like them, but they are necessary to a prosperous state. To one such as I, the attitude of as little taxation as possible comes across as selfish and unpatriotic, but that's my opinion.

However, if taxation becomes onerous, we then see a response similar to that under discussion now.
Oct 2018
The uprising is due to 9 week of vacation given to the working class each year. The French love vacations and driving works out best for people on low incomes, The elite don't suffer from the raise. So being unfare...they demanded .find something ... but don't do this (IMO)

Any way, the tax has been suspended.
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