Freak Out Over Alabama Abortion Bill

Nov 2016
.MEN should use Condoms. Or perhaps be old fashioned and get Married?
Condoms break.
Girls & Women get raped.
Married women get abortions.
Conservative/Republican girls & women get raped, have condoms break on them & get married and have unplanned pregnancies that their family can't afford.

At present, the Alabama Legislature is comprised of 85% men.
This will be the last Legislature with this makeup.
Stupidly, the cost of futile political grandstanding will be the white male domination in Alabama politics.
They had to go national. Tsk tsk.[/QUOTE]

Maybe men could just keep their packers in their pants.
Mar 2019
Good grief, that was a dishonest retort. I was responding to your post (#232).

Ever considered doing something other than baiting and trolling, you know, honest discussion, backing up your claims with credible evidence instead of “proven fact?” Would that be asking too much?
Yes. It would be.Proven fact.--Now,as to the TOPIC. In my Opinion,abortion is MURDER. FACT--There is nothing in the Constitution allowing abortion. FACT--Roe was an illegal decision. OPINION--Abortion should be a states rights issue. FACT--If a woman says NO,and it proceeds,it is Rape. FACT--Women have control over getting pregnant. 100%. It is called abstinence.
May 2019
A Van Down by the River...
Since GWB won a totally fair and honest election ,why not? It was the Dems who tried to Re-Count their way to an illegal win.But this ain't about Trump. Or Bush. It is about Alabama putting a stop to murder.

Do you really believe this?
This law will not go into effect b/c it's unconstitutional (still).
There will be an injunction against application until it winds its way thru the courts -- not a short or inexpensive adventure .
The Supremes will most likely deny this case b/c it probably has the least chance of getting Roe overturned.

So, Alabama -- one of the poorest states -- will have wasted millions in a Sisyphean exercise.
Jun 2013
The "great" state of Alabama....

Incest - Specifically child sexual abuse
America Has an Incest Problem

In Alabama, ‘archaic’ laws fail Catholic child sex abuse victims

Child Abuse Statistics – ANCAC

Now Uncle Billy Bob can get all the nieces he wants, pregnant and torture them further, by their having to remain pregnant or be sent off to the pen for not wanting to carry Uncle Billy Bob's child. Same with fathers, grandfathers and brothers who want to abuse their relatives and have the women bear the cost of their abuse.

It's not about life.....It's about insecure, otherwise non-empowered people wanting to feel power over others......

Not a single woman senator voted to pass Alabama's abortion ban
"Only three women had a voice on Alabama's abortion ban that passed its Senate on Tuesday, and they all voted against it.
Meanwhile, the state Senate's Republican coalition is made up entirely of white men, and 25 of its members voted in favor of the bill while two abstained. Gov. Kay Ivey (R) now seems likely to sign the bill, which was put on her desk by a legislature that's 84.3 percent men, reports."
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