Freak Out Over Alabama Abortion Bill

Mar 2019
They did nothing of the kind. And I wouldn’t prattle on about “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” when you’re advocating for oppressing women by allowing for meddling in murder,” but your despicable efforts to demonize them does not put you on the moral high ground. Women are human too, despite efforts by some right wingers to turn back the clock.
Alabama is just the start. Remember that FACT. Case closed.
Sep 2014
in the noggins of yip yappers
Yes. It would be.Proven fact.--Now,as to the TOPIC. In my Opinion,abortion is MURDER. FACT--There is nothing in the Constitution allowing abortion. FACT--Roe was an illegal decision. OPINION--Abortion should be a states rights issue. FACT--If a woman says NO,and it proceeds,it is Rape. FACT--Women have control over getting pregnant. 100%. It is called abstinence.
Even when raped? Gack. You are something else.

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