Freedom From Religion? How About Freedom From Atheism?

Apr 2011
My mother's womb, of course.
Answer my questions, please. Why are you doing your utmost to avoid them? I suspect it is because you can't, thus exposing your assertions for the bullshit they are.

Why are you are so rude?
His king is in checkmate from his opponent's fair moves and now he's saying "waaaaa waaaaaa! You can't do that! My king is special!"
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Jun 2019
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I have wondered that myself about what a coach does on his own time. The Freedom From Religion Foundation has one purpose and that is to hunt down anyone that's religious that looks like they are exercising they beliefs in a government setting.

And what does that have to do with a coach praying after a game, on his own time?
Mar 2019
What Atheism is doing is trying to make the "Free Exercise" of the First Amendment look like a crime, Well its not. Government is to make no law restricting Free Exercise, and what the Atheist are doing is promoting or Bullying is a better word the limitation of "Free Exercise" in the name of Separation of Church and State, They have corrupted the First Amendment completely and the intentions of the founders. Our only hope is the Supreme Court will rule on this issue rather then turning a "Blind Eye" to the meaning of the First Amendment and the Founders intentions
Name one instance in which YOU have been prohibited from exercising your religion ??

But you know what ? Don't bother. You've completely ignore the points I made. Haven't even tried to counter my arguments. So there's really no need to reply.
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Nov 2008
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They've never interfered with religious expression in the private sector. Joe Kennedy was participating in a religious activity with his players while holding government power over them. Government involvement in religious acrivities, voluntary or not, is inherently coercive. The court ruled this in Engel vs. Vitale.

They have never preached atheism while winning court cases or cutting deals with government institutions. No one stepped in and declared there is no God in any court ruling or procedure.

They have never interfered with religion in the private sector where the U.S. Constitution orders it kept. Boonie started the thread, Christianity Check where we've documented all the times Christians have expressed their religion in the private sector
without interference.

They offer tons of hope in preventing you and the other Christian Dominionists from instituting your theocracy. That is the ideal America.

Joe Kennedy's life should be ruined. He is a thekcrar who forced his religion in his players during their pre-game meetings and after the game was over. Religion has no place in government administrations.
You ever read their purpose? They want to educate people in Non Theism. Who was it that said they have non belief?
Nov 2008
Washington state
Name one instance in which YOU have been prohibited from exercising your religion ??
I shoot wedding photography on occasion, and I have been told I can't choose my customers based on my religious beliefs. I advertise Traditional weddings only and I have been told unless I do all weddings I can be charged with discrimination. I have been told I cannot make decisions based on my beliefs.

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