French Fencing Authority Recognizes Lightsaber Dueling As A Sport


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Jan 2008
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Okay @Ian Jeffrey and all you other sci-fi warriors... time to start working out. It won't be long before we'll see lightsabers in the Olympics one day and your country needs you!

A new sport: France OKs competitive lightsaber

In building their sport from the ground up, French organizers produced competition rules intended to make lightsaber dueling both competitive and easy on the eyes.

"We wanted it to be safe, we wanted it to be umpired and, most of all, we wanted it to produce something visual that looks like the movies, because that is what people expect," said Michel Ortiz, the tournament organizer.

Combatants fight inside a circle marked in tape on the floor. Strikes to the head or body are worth five points; to the arms or legs, three points; on hands, one point. The first to 15 points -- or, if they don't get there quickly, the high scorer after three minutes -- wins. If both fighters reach 10 points, the bout enters "sudden death," where the first to land a head- or body blow wins, a rule to encourage enterprising fighters.

Blows only count if the fighters first point the tip of their saber behind them. That rule prevents the viper-like, tip-first quick forward strikes seen in fencing. Instead, the rule encourages swishier blows that are easier for audiences to see and enjoy, and which are more evocative of the duels in Star Wars. Of those, the battle between Obi-Wan and Darth Maul in "The Phantom Menace" that ends badly for the Sith despite his double-bladed lightsaber is particularly appreciated by aficionados for its swordplay.

Jan 2016
Our new U.S. Space Force has already been training with light sabers for the past ten months!!

This report brought to you by the U.S. Department of Homeland Propaganda and Fake News.
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