French laws to combat terror reduce freedoms.

Jan 2007
9,920 Constant "state of emergency" Need more police powers.
[h=1]UPDATE! Europe is waking up! See what France just did[/h]
So to suppress terror from the immigration they bring in , will reduce civil rights for the citizens.

Create a problem then hope to deal with it. French immigration policy will wreck their quality of life. Need a police state to protect them from
their liberalism.
Jan 2007
PARIS — The French government on Tuesday moved a significant step closer to making permanent some of the emergency measures put in place after the terrorist attacks of 2015, expanding the powers of the security forces to combat terrorism in ways that critics say may also curtail civil liberties.

The legislation, approved by a wide margin in the lower house of the French Parliament, codifies measures like search and seizure and house arrest without judicial review — steps once considered exceptional — and effectively institutionalizes a trade-off between security and personal liberty.

THe new Paris:

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