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Jul 2016
I was wondering that myself. "Cuck" is short for "cuckold" - in this case, a fetish in which married partners get off on watching their spouses cheat on them. But ... you can't cheat on your dog. And if you're copulating with a dog (which is illegal, of course), then your marital status really shouldn't factor into the situation.
“Cuck” is an alt right term used as an insult referring to main stream republicans, although one or two of our forum members mistakenly think it’s about liberals.

The rest? Not gonna be on my google history tyvm.
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Ian Jeffrey

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Mar 2013
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Is that some rap group or something? I tell you, I'm about 40 years behind on a lot of pop culture. Or more. I stopped listening to top 40 radio when they starting playing disco music back around 1973-1974. Yecchhhh!!
Boy band. LMGTFY Never listened to them myself.

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