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Mar 2007
Finally got around to watching the GoT final season8.. I enjoyed it, loved the ending with Bran becoming king. Gonna miss'em.

I must say tho, Dany and Jon are absolute crap military commanders, especially with how they dealt with the Ice Zombie attack on Castle Winterfell. It's as if the writers took everything known about ancient/medieval warfare and had those two knuckleheads do the opposite.

Dothraki are light cavalry normally used for recon and flanking maneuvers, yet the defender's opening move was a light cav charge head on into the zombie horde. They then placed their artillery out front, behind of which is the infantry, and then behind all their troops were the spiked ditch entrenchments. WTF?!?!? Thats totally reverse of how it's suppose to be done. Idjits!! No wonder the incest couple didn't become king/queen.
The military strategy, such as it was, focused on drawing the big bad ice guy into the garden next to the big tree where Bran was hanging out. Based on the final two episodes of the series. they apparently held back a large percentage of their forces to encourage the big bad ice guy to do exactly what he did. And it worked. The most exasperating part of the final episodes was the total lack of exposition on any of this. One line of exposition I was hoping to hear was discussion between the mother of dragons and what was left of her advisers.

Jon, Dwarfie, etc: But you killed all those children and innocents. We rang the bells! Why didn't you just take the city on foot?

Mother of Dragons: You are my advisers and I am sick of your bad advice. Sersei blew up the huge church in the middle of the city with wildfire. As the bells rang, I knew it was too easy and I wasn't going to waste my armies and allies walking through the city and being incinerated by wild fire traps all over the city! Not sure if you noticed, but after I ignored the bells, there were wildfire explosions all over the city as I leveled it.

Jon, Dwarfie, etc: How do you know those weren't caches of wild wire planted by the Mad King?

Mother of Dragons: Prove it. ooops! too late now! How do you know that Sersei didn't plant them? She did have her people drive the innocent citizens into the open so that our attackers would kill them. I am your queen and I'm not going to pacify the entire world without better advisers.

Segue into remainder of scenes as they played out. This would have actually made the tragedy more tragic and the ending even less happy because it would have avoided SOME people feeling totally justified that Jon killed the Mother of Dragons. A bit of dissonance would have added something missing. But her fatal flaw (ends justifies the means) would still be there, just not appear that she was having her time of the month and went female crazy. Personally, I think she was consistent. Killing people in the way of her mission was always her MO.

That's my only complaint. I loved the ending, but in a show whose greatest strength was conversations they delivered too much FX and not enough talk.

For those who don't understand tragedy, suggested reading (great book)....
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