Gender fluidity and Carl Jung

Jan 2012
Vacaville, CA
Does gender fluidity and gender neutrality mark a true change in human consciousness or are they weapons in an ideological war to devalue heterosexuality as the standard of sex and gender?

If the former, the work of psychoanalyst Carl Jung may prove instructive. Jung saw each person as having an inner being of the opposite sex: the anima in man and the animus in woman. These inner beings would appear as four different persons that represent stages in maturity. Through dreams or creative endeavors, men and women would work through these stages to attain more completeness of the self.

Perhaps we are witnessing a break in the barrier between the conscious and unconsciousness. The anima and animus have invaded the conscious mind and are melding with their sexual opposites to create a neutral gender.

Another possibility is that gender fluidity represents an escape from reality. The conscious mind, avoiding the traumas of the real world, has sought refuge in the unconscious and has merged its gender with the anima or animus.