George Lopez booed off stage after Trump jokes flop at*gala

Nov 2014
North Carolina
I get pissed when comedians harp on politics in their own shows. That I tuned in to Never mind a charity event that I have donated to and just want a nice evening.

Btw - who the hell is George Lopez?
I don't care for it either.

Inserting politics into an event like this just makes it needlessly divisive.

He's an actor.


Former Staff
Jul 2014
It appears not as many hate Trump as the left believes.

Trump hate can only take you so far and people are getting tired of it.
Trump disapproval has soared in every state

Since January, President Trump's disapproval rating has jumped in every state, with the increases ranging from 9.6% (Alabama) to 18.8% (Illinois).

Among states that Trump won, he is now above 50% disapproval in Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Arizona and Pennsylvania.