German Shepherds trained to stop active shooters


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Feb 2007
I'll believe it when I see it.

Where there are animals, there is shit.

I would make you a 1,000 dollar bet right now if they start allowing dogs all over the schools there will be dog shit all over the place.
You ever raise and important subject and someone comes along and ATTEMPTS to reduce the salient point to literal shit.

You're that guy right now Jeremy.
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Jun 2010
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Former SEAL Trains Cloned K-9s to Take Down School Shooters

Starting in Minnesota. I think his heart is in the right place. Not sure how effective it will be, and how people will react when a dog is inevitably shot in the line of duty.

Or if a dog attacks a student.

A former Navy SEAL is training K-9s to attack school shooters. The dogs run toward the sound of gunfire, aren't distracted by people fleeing and can take down the shooter.
excellent.. wardogs. Whats next, incendiary pigs?

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Jan 2008
Attack dogs in school!........Bulletproof backpacks.....

Much better idea than just not selling machine guns in stores!!

(No wonder Trump is in the WH)
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