Getting fired over a MAGA hat?


Former Staff
Dec 2010
Oh, no; that's not what happened. No, this dude for some reason - gee I Don't Know Why - thought he could show his ass in a spectacular fashion, and that was okay.

WTAF. I mean if nothing else, who raised him? Does he not know what manners are? Oh, wait! I get it! No, he thinks that anybody who disagrees with him is 'less than' and he can talk to them however he wishes.

What a dumbass.

And the word 'allegedly' is unnecessary, what with him being on video and all.

As the incident escalated, Bennet began recording a video on her smartphone. The man appears belligerent and seems to be slurring his speech. He is wearing a yellow work shirt with a red Trump 2020 hat.

"Are you drunk or something?" Bennet asks in the video.

"No, I just hate all your [expletive] on your car," the man replies.

Before the video confrontation ends, Bennet asks the man to leave.

"What's your problem? Go someplace else. You're the one who's stopping in front of somebody's house because you dislike their bumper stickers," she tells the man. "I don't go in front of any Trump person's house and scream and blast 'Rachel Maddow' first thing in the morning."
No. No, you don't. And why is that? IT'S BECAUSE YOU'RE NOT A FUCKING LUNATIC.