Glacier National Park Replacing Glaciers Disappearing Signs

Jul 2013
Nashville, TN
The glaciers are still here and healthy. Idiots.
They missed the 2010 projection by a few years, big fucking whoop.

It is a tough time for glaciers across the globe, even if the ones in Montana have survived into 2020, as the Deseret News reported. Iceland held a funeral for, Okjökull, a glacier lost in 2019. In the spring of 2019, researchers at the University of Zurich found that more than 9 trillion tons of ice have melted since 1961.
Scientists memorialized the Okjökull glacier with a plaque that read: "Ok is the first Icelandic glacier to lose its status as a glacier. In the next 200 years, all our glaciers are expected to follow the same path. This monument is to acknowledge that we know what is happening and know what needs to be done. Only you know if we did it."

The 2017 study found that Montana's glaciers have almost no chance of surviving to the end of the century.
Apr 2015
Right wing rags are hilarious, no legit comedian can come close to the entertainment value they provide with their nutter theories, tropes and memes.
So your side makes silly mistakes, misstates threats, makes incorrect presumptions and predictions... and the "right wing" are "hilarious"for pointing it out?

Yeaahhhhh. okaaay.
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Jun 2013