[Global warning post #142] Can anyone on the right say anything good about their leader at all.

Mar 2019
President Trump got NATO allies to kick in $12 billion more toward our collective security.
Jan 2015
Great State of Texas
Proof that Trump supporters are all about giving the finger to liberals. They don't care if the country's reputation is in tatters because of Trump. The important thing is that they get to stick it to the liberals.
That's not why Trump supporter support Trump.

You are NOT capable of seeing that part.

But, triggering Leftist .... well that's just icing on the cake !!!!


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Feb 2007
I'm not a Trump voter or a supporter - but he has done a few things that I think are good:

Gilead has agreed to donate its $20,000 HIV medication for up to 200,000 people
Though there is some media controversy surrounding this today, when this was announced I thought it was a very positive move.

- Removing the Individual Mandate Penalty from Obamacare.

President Donald J. Trump Is Helping Americans Gain a Second Chance to Build a Brighter Future
2nd Chance programs for those leaving prison and re-entering the workforce.

- Unemployment rate is low and though that figure doesn't belong to him alone, he has helped in that regard.

These positives however do not overshadow any negatives. But they are positives.
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