[Global warning post #142] Can anyone on the right say anything good about their leader at all.

Aug 2016
President Trump is a master. He has liberals yipping in every direction so he can pass laws that Make America Great Again.
Mar 2015
President Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital.
Briliant move, now we are at the same standard as the major powerhouses of the world which includes Paraguay, the Czech Republic, Romania and Honduras. Powerful group of countries. The rest of the world laughing there heads off at the stupidity of this countries move, actually just at your leaders actions.. There's consequences doing ignorant things just to stick it to someone.
Oct 2011
Washington State
Well, Bill said lots of things.

Remember the time when he said he did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky?

That turned out to be the most famous presidential lie of all time!
I'm sure one of Trump's over 12,000 lies tops that. That and admitting he sexually assaulted women on a regular basis. Wait, that's not a lie.

Bummer, the one time Trump told the truth.
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