GM CEO Barra

Jul 2014
She's on the "hot seat".

That's the headline on a NBC story this morning.

But, don't feel too bad for her: she got nearly $22 Million in total compensation last year.

She could take a 50% pay cut and probably hang on to a few of those employees who are getting axed.

Or, maybe she can't make it on "only" $11 Million a year...
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Feb 2015
Shady Dale, Georgia
I do not blame the CEO of GM for making the decision(s) to move the assembly of certain vehicles outside of the USA. Labor is far less expensive in China and Mexico than it ever will be in the USA. The CEO of GM has a responsibility to the shareholders not the employees. The problem is that our laws and trade policies make production outside of this country far more attractive that dealing with the UAW right here at home.

GM, Ford they are just making the decisions to make the most profit for their companies. What I take issue with, is that we allow it. If a company were to move their assembly outside of the US, then tariffs need to be imposed upon the vehicles of that company for a period of time. This would make it less attractive to make these decisions. Honda, Kia, Hyundai, VW, BMW, and Mercedes all assemble vehicles here in the USA.
Mar 2012
New Hampshire
We also have to remember that as GM is cutting these 14,000 jobs they also at the same time are hiring thousands in CA for their self driving cars. CEO Barra said Ohio just doesnt have the skills necessary to accomplish this. Thats why they chose CA for its high numbers of engineers in the SF Bay area.
Jun 2014
United States
I saw this on NBC, and they (reporter) asked why at time when GM is enjoying record profits - which I thought was interesting.

They're making profits in the US selling trucks and SUVs. Americans don't buy small, fuel efficient vehicles when gasoline prices are low. That's why Ford recently announced that they were also getting out of the car business.
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Nov 2013
Trump gutted corporate taxes and put absolutely no restrictions on them, so they bought back stock, gave out a few small employee bonuses, then continued business as usual, offshoring, cut throating, monopolizing, carteling and colluding to fix prices.
Yes, but SD thinks this is all great, because of the stock holders, you know.
And because Trump said so.
Feb 2015
Shady Dale, Georgia
Yes, but SD thinks this is all great, because of the stock holders, you know.
And because Trump said so.
I didn’t say that it was great. I said that I understood it and didn’t blame the CEO. Your post indicates that you need to work on your reading comprehension.

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