Godzilla: King of the Monsters

The Man

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Jul 2011
Watching this right now:

Actually, pretty cool; we are on this very moment at this time:

Don't know where Hollywood got the idea for this three headed monster; but he really reminds me of Zmei Gorynych (Serpent of the Mountains), a ferocious dragon from ancient Rus (ancestors of modern Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians) folklore

He was created by Veles, one of the elder Gods of the pre-Christian East Slavic tribes, who was said to manage the realm where the spirits of the dead went, among other things

as a guardian of the entrance to that realm; but then Chernobog, one of Veles' younger brothers, the evil God of monsters, demons, and dark magic

allegedly deliberately let him loose into the mortal realm, to wreak havoc and ravage humanity; until, as the first pic shows, he was finally vanquished by Dobrynia Nikitich, one of the Bogatyrs (mythical, possibly super-powerful, warriors, demigods, at least some of them, according to some of the tales about them).

Can't wait to see how this fight gonna go; it seems Godzilla is on the side of humans now, against this thing, whatever it is...