Google CEO Pichai cancels 'town hall' on gender dispute

Dec 2015
In Your Heart!
So, a problem about non-parity for employees has been identified. A meeting was to take place but was cancelled by their CEO. If the problem exists how will it be rectified without talks and brainstorming? It would appear that the CEO should have simply held the meeting as scheduled in order to show goodwill towards his employees and let them air out their concerns while also promising all of them that there would be no repercussions due to their speaking out on these important issues. But that apparently did not happen. Now the question is WHY?


Google CEO Pichai cancels 'town hall' on gender dispute - ABC News
By Ryan Nakashima Technology Writer

"Google CEO Sundar Pichai has canceled an internal town hall meant to address gender discrimination on Thursday after employee questions for management began to leak online from the company's internal messaging service."
"Pichai said in an email to staff that several Google employees became fearful for their safety and grew concerned about being outed for speaking up at the town hall."
"Meanwhile, a graphic composed of the Twitter profiles of several Google employees who were gay, lesbian or transgender began to circulate online, assisted by conservative commentators such as former Breitbart writer Milo Yiannopoulos . That graphic drew hundreds of negative comments about the people and the company."