Google Gives User Data To Government In Most Cases


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Feb 2007
Google Gives User Data To Government In Most Cases -

Google's compliance with 94% of the roughly 4,600 government requests for user data in the U.S. compared to 72% compliance with 1,162 requests made in the U.K., for example; 76% compliance with 1,804 requests in Brazil; and 90% compliance with 72 requests made in Japan.

"The number of requests we receive for user account information as part of criminal investigations has increased year after year," Google said in a statement. "The increase isn't surprising, since each year we offer more products and services, and we have a larger number of users."

Google noted that the data reflect requests received at Google and YouTube, the company's online video service.
Pretty interesting. I had no idea just how much information was provided, or how much was requested but its been speculated from everyone saying "we have nothing to hide" to "1984 is a true story."

Here is Google's Transparency Report
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