GOP Moves To Eliminate Primaries In Show Of Support For Trump

Oct 2014

Strategically, this is genius. Politically, it saddens me because I think Republican challengers to Trump might have voices the voters need to hear.

Your thoughts?
"The DNC is a private entity, they can make their own rules as to how they decide to conduct the primaries" said to justify how Bernie got screwed of the nomination last time.

The GOP is saying that Trump sufficiently represents their values that there's no point in trying to find someone better to represent the party. That's a big shift from the last election.
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President Trump wants the entire focus on himself. Any GOP challenges to his Presidency are verboten.
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Nov 2018
The GOP is doing the right thing. The candidates who want to be noticed, have no standing, are losers, and don't have a prayer. Trump has about 95% approval among Republicans.

The Democrats should do the same. Shut down their debate tonight, as it's going to be another Clown Fest, like previous Clown Fest and the one before that.

All of their views of the issue are online, and besides, whatever they say today, may change tomorrow.

I do think that the only debates that count will be between Trump and whatever Clown the Democrats put up against him. That will be pure entertainment. Yes, their views are online, but I like entertainment, as long it doesn't interfere with football. Oh, that's right, tonight the Democrats will be up against the NFL. Gee, which one will get the most viewers? lol
Sep 2013
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I'm not comfortable eliminating the electoral college, as I think it allows low population states to have a voice. OTOH, I do disapprove of winner-takes-all.

Not sure I understand this bill well enough yet, as I just heard of it.
Low population states have an equal voice in the senate.