GOP mulls vote to Abolish ICE

Sep 2014
United States
But it's current border policy is aimed to restrict, so the whole question makes no sense. Poll questions shouldn't be riddles. Ever try asking a pollster to explain the meaning of a question? All they are allowed to do is repeat the question as asked, and this question makes no sense. That's the perfect way to make an invalid poll.

More shit from you.
Maybe you are just easily confused.
Dec 2014
The Milky Way
Fucking hypocritical asshats.

Oh that was so delicious! Then add on Trump trolling the media, the left, and the political class at today's presser. I am truly LOL'ing.

Oh, and some dumb ass from the WaPo attacking Trump when Trump told the PM of Finland he enjoyed meeting him at the NATO summit. The WaPo reporter went nuts, telling us that Finland isn't in NATO (which Trump never said). Except the Finnish PM attended the NATO summit. Heh.