GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz Tries To Remove Parkland Fathers From Gun Violence Hearing

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Jul 2011
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A longtime Trump ally pushed to have two fathers of Parkland victims tossed out of a congressional hearing on gun violence — a reflection of the vociferous nature of the debate Democrats have made a priority in the new Congress.

Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., sparked commotion in the hearing when he listed circumstances in which violence was committed by undocumented immigrants, and said the solution would be to build the Trump-backed wall along the Southwest border.

"I hope we do not forget the pain, and anguish, and sense of loss felt by those all over the country who have been the victims of violence at the hands of illegal aliens," Gaetz said. "[Firearms background check legislation] would not have stopped many of the circumstances I raised, but a wall, a barrier on the Southern border may have, and that's what we're fighting for."
Trump Ally Tries To Remove Parkland Fathers From Gun Violence Hearing
just for a little context. This was suppose to be a hearing on gun violence. It had nothing to do with immigration. All I can say is that Gaetz truly is the scum of the Earth.

watch for yourself.