GOP Strategist - Republicans Hoping To Run Against Bernie Sanders

Mar 2012
New Hampshire
Sanders gets killed in the swing states. He loses to Trump in Florida, Virginia and Arizona, just to name a few...Biden wins all three...
Florida for sure. Imagine someone that praised Fidel Castro and Chavez trying to appeal to those who fled to escape them.
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Jul 2013
Nashville, TN
If we want Tump to be re-elected for absolutely positively sure, then nominate Bernie Sanders as the Democratic Presidential candidate...and that is the last thing I am going to say about Bernie Sanders
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Jun 2014
United States
I suspect the DNC allowed it in 2020 so he wouldnt run third party? Had they told him no, he undoubtedly would have run as an indie. I dont think they wanted the risk.

No, Bernie running as an independent wouldn't be a significant threat to the Democrats. I think they put up with Bernie in the hopes of attracting younger voters, although in my experience, relying upon young people to vote in meaningful numbers is an exercise in futility.
Jan 2007
"A first indicator has got to come from his having opted to honeymoon in the most repressive, criminally evil empire of its time: the former Soviet Union. What kind of American would honeymoon in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics? Of all the places to choose — Hawaii, the Caribbean, Costa Rica, London, Paris (of yore), Rome, Athens… heck, even the Dominican Republic — he goes to Communist Russia? To the place and government system that gave the world the Ukrainian Golodomor Holocaust, Babi Yar, the Stalin show trials, Khrushchev, Brezhnev, the Gulag Archipelago? A Purgatory in which Christians were begging the world to take note of their plight, and from which Jews throughout the world were fleeing by the hundreds of thousands to Israel and America, this Communist went to the Soviet Union and partied?

Nor was he jolted or stunned into reality by what he saw. Rather, he stood by his praises of Communist bread lines: “That’s a good thing!” Praised the beautiful train stations. Yes, and Mussolini made the trains run on time.

Likewise he praised Castro’s Communist Cuba. He attended the Communist Sandinista celebrations in Nicaragua and praised them. He described the Sandinistas as heroic, encouraging them to keep fighting to victory."

Bernie Sanders Wants to Defund U.S. Military of $1.5 Trillion: Wants to spend it on Climate Change

Sanders represents everything the United States went to war to prevent from spreading around the globe. Now fools line up behind him bringing the hammer& sickle to our shores.