GOP telling Trump he is an idiot

Jun 2007
What I have seen is that Trump haters aren't very bright, yet they think they are.

Easily manipulated into believing whatever their fake news tells them to believe.
You’ve already gone that rabbit hole haven’t you? There’s really nothing else,to say.
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Nov 2006
He changes HIS mind as the wind blows. He must have found a FOX NEWS outlet somewhere in Great Britain. This is from about 40 minutes ago. smh.

Typical Trump juvenile statement. Schumer thinks trump is bluffing on the mexico tariffs and this ignoramous thinks it's because he wants our country to fail because of drugs and immigrants. How the fuck did drugs and immigrants enter the discussion on tariffs? That's what a 3rd grader does when he loses an argument.
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Nov 2006
He seems more a deal breaker than a deal maker.
There will be no more deals treaties signed by other countries until this idiot is gone. They know they can wait a year now and not have to deal with a juvenile. The trade deal with Canada and Mexico won't be signed by either. They will wait and renew NAFTA with the next president.
Nov 2006
His promise to punish Mexico with escalating tariffs unless it controls what he calls the “invasion” of migrants across the southern border is premised on a law that has never been used either as a tool of immigration policy or tariffs.The International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA) mentions neither.

Enacted in 1977, it is aimed at sanctioning foreign enemies and has been deployed to fight groups or countries hostile to the United States, such as freezing the assets of Iran after the U.S. Embassy hostage crisis; to impose embargoes; to punish foreign drug kingpins and cybercriminals; and to restrict transactions involving weapons of mass destruction. The law’s predecessor, the Trading with the Enemy Act, was passed during World War I and amended by the IEEPA because Congress thought it gave the president too much power.

“IEEPA was not designed for the imposition of tariffs,” said Jennifer Hillman, a Georgetown University law professor. “It was intended to give the President the power to impose economic sanctions when the President finds an ‘unusual and extraordinary threat’ to the national security, foreign policy or economy of the U.S. from foreign sources,” she said in an email.

“There is no reference” in the law to “presidential authority to impose tariffs,” said Edward Alden, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. “It has been used for economic sanctions of various sorts against enemy countries, Iran, Iraq and Sudan and Libya. It’s never been used against a close ally. “This is a considerable step beyond anything the president has done before in terms of abusing the authority delegated to him by the Congress. I think that’s why you’re seeing a reasonably significant reaction on the Hill.”

Shocker!!! Not - trying to abuse his powers, again.
That's what the idiot might do if congress axes his tariff, impose economic sanctions on Mexico.
Nov 2006
Hmmm...that's quite questionable about open borders....House Passes Mass Amnesty Bill Which Would Give Millions Of Illegal Immigrants A Path To Citizenship
7:04 PM 06/04/2019 | POLITICS
Henry Rodgers | Capitol Hill Reporter

The House passed a vote Tuesday that would grant protection from deportation to illegal immigrants and give millions a path to permanent citizenship status.
The American Dream and Promise Act passed the House with a vote of 236-187. T
That has absolutely nothing to do with open borders.
Nov 2006
The legislation would grant illegal immigrants ten years of legal residence status if they were to meet specific requirements, after which they would then receive permanent green cards after completing two years of higher education or military service, or after working for three years. If that isn't open borders I don't know what it is. Total encouragement
It has nothing to do with the border. DACA recipients are already living in this country and have been, some for their entire lives. They also will never be expelled so why not make them citizens.

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