Great news for the USA/Bad news for Trump


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Nov 2009
I have an image of the Dossier where they lied about the PEE PEE affair. Strange you have similar Golden Shower imagery about trump.
You brought up smoke and fire, so my first thought was fire fighters. Then I talk about watering Trump down with a hose and you think it's my penis?

I mean, thanks... I think it's pretty decently sized.. but not like a fire hose. Please don't pay too much attention to it though, even if what happens at PH stays at PH, I'm a married man. :p


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Jan 2008
I don't see him being removed after his impeachment or arrested/jailed after his presidency. But he will lose.
I can't see him not being prosecuted once all the facts emerge.
If not, what an incentive for all future presidents to abuse their power, cash in public office and sell out their country fro profit.

It must be done and not just for revenge. (if Nixon had served time I doubt Iran/Contra and all this current crap would have happened.)
Nov 2007
Regardless of the expected "Sham" Senate Impeachment trial coming up soon, Trump can expect to be a free man no later than noon EST on January 20, the first day of the new term, some 72 to 78 days after the presidential election....when the newly elected President will take office and Trump will be fair game to federal and state prosecutors to finally face prosecution for the many crimes he has committed against he USA.

Morning is coming to America!
What makes you think any state or federal prosecutors will go after former President Trump?
Apr 2018
Northern end of Lake Erie
LOL.....and Moscow Mitch's sham trial will turn off many fair-minded voters who want an HONEST/Patriotic U.S. Senate rather than a far Right rubber stamp/co-consprator.
Ass opposed to the far Left Proletariat you support, Communist?