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Jul 2011
And I am not talking about fake WWE and such crap lol

A day ago, in Krasnoyarsk (Siberia), Ivan Yarygin Tournament, one of the biggest wrestling events in Russia, Nachyn Kuular, 23 year old native Siberian, member of the Tuva people to be precise, Champion of Russia, who also won a World Championship among military personnel while serving in Russian Army as a conscript, and later took a European Championship for Russia as a university student

went up against 30 year old Chechen Ahmed Chakaev, highly experienced guy, also Europe and World Champion, Master of Sport in Freestyle (second highest athlete ranking in Russia, below Distinguished Master), member of the Olympic team, winner of the 2017 Yarygin Tournament and second place at last year's one

Long story short, Kuular made a very impressive throw on Chakaev. But he did it AFTER the ref already motioned to stop the match! So, in the end victory was awarded to Chakaev, much to the displeasure of Tuvan fans in the audience, who booed and whistled at the Chechen and the refs and threw stuff, like that cube, whatever it is, onto the mat

Reportedly, water bottles also thrown, mostly at the refs lol

Very passionate people over there...

In fact, this match is already causing a big scandal, with the head of the Republic of Tuva, Sholban Kara-ool

personally weighing in, claiming that their wrestler was robbed by the refs, basically. This, of course, has drawn angry retorts from Caucasian politicians, who have long complained that, if anything, Siberian referees have long slanted matches against THEIR guys :D

Regular Siberians and Caucasians are sniping at each other over it online too, on wrestling and other sports forums.

People in Russia are very, very passionate about wrestling.

To put it in simple terms, there are three big, ethnic schools there, each of which believes they are better than the others haha

Native Siberians are influenced heavily by their own traditional Mongolian disciplines, like the Tuvan Khuresh

which they learn since childhood
These usually involve lots of tackling and going for the legs of your opponent, as that boy is doing up there, and trying to basically flip and take him down and choke him out.

The Slavic school, best personified today by, for example, Sambo (pics below), is highly technical, and involves lots of what are referred to as "pain inducing" (bolyevye) moves, arm bars and twists and chokes and such, designed to make the opponent tap out

Caucasians believe they are the strongest, physically, the toughest ethnic group in Russia, and like to show off their strength with all kinds of fancy high throws and flips and such, which is why they tend to dominate, for example, Judo

like Tagir Khaybulaev of Dagestan, who won Gold at the London Olympics in 2012, with Putin personally watching in the audience

All of these three schools are even within themselves hardly monolithic. In Caucasus, there is a great rivalry, for example, between Dagestan and Ossetia. Among Siberian Mongols - between Tuvans and Buryats. Even among the Slavs/ethnic Russians, who are technically one nation, there are own rivalries, between Northerners and Southerners for example lol

But, more generally, these three ethnic schools always compete with each other, bitterly, for domination of the various wrestling disciplines. It is, again, a huge sport over there, and one they are great at, always win lots of Golds in it at the Olympics :)

Inter-ethnic matches always generate the most passion, of course. In some cases, they have to have riot police at the mats and ready to step in to separate furious fans and coaches and such