Greatest Rifle of World War 2

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Jul 2011
Off topic here but how about which hand grenade was better: German potato masher or American pineapple?
Molotov Cocktails :D

Red Army troops burned plenty of Panzer crews alive with those things, in early years of the War, when they were low on actual grenades...
Dec 2018
Those old drum magazine sub-machine guns were awesome...

Thompson is better than Soviet PPSh, in my opinion

Mostly, because of those pistol grips.

I recall even my own grandpa saying, the PPSh's weird design meant that you basically have to hold it by the drum

and, preferably, prop it up on something, a wall, whatever, for stability

Otherwise, it could have real issues with accuracy...

Pretty powerful though, smashes bricks to dust

But, yeah, the Thompson double grip is way more convenient
The PPSH41 had an amazing fire rate and was not too bad. It was reliable and saw combat into Vietnam. It was, by many accounts, on par and possibly better than the Thompson.
Dec 2018
Because the government wanted to reduce the amount of weapons in circulation after the Port Arthur massacre (where Martin Bryant killed 35 and wounded many more). I was no longer collecting (I had more old military rifles than those mentioned above) and they were just collecting dust in cases under a bed. The conservative government was offering above market value owing to a raft of legislative reforms, so I simply decided to sell. I'm not one for keeping gear if I'm not using it or if I'm no longer interested in it and the whole 'self-defence' thing is a non issue in Australia.

If I recall, I had a Martini-Henry Cadet, a Martini-Henry from the Zulu War, a Lee-Metford from the Boer War (forerunner of the LE), and a Brown Bess from the Napoleonic Wars (sadly inoperable). I think that's it from memory.
Ah. I didn’t catch that you weren’t American. ;)
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Jan 2008
What was the purpose of the air-cooled shroud covering the barrel of Soviet burp guns?
Didn't the shroud trap some hot air around parts of the barrel?